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Since 1992, Zack Hill has steadily been creating a name for himself in the dance music community, performing for all of the key players in Los Angeles and around the US. Beginning in the early years with techno and breakbeat music, his style has constantly evolved and like any great artist he refuses to be pigeonholed.


Zack plays a unique blend of classic and current dance music which appeals to any crowd. His talent for reading a crowd and adapting to them without compromising his own unique style is what  keeps him in constant demand.


Zack has enjoyed success in both the DJ as well as the promoter areas as the co-creator of the largely successful $FiveDollahFunk$ series of events (30+ events over a 9 year span), as well as the weekly internet podcast TribeRadio (reaching 1mil+ subscribers). He has held residencies for King King (Hollywood), Homemade Events, and Disneyland (elecTRONica).


His proven longevity along with a strong affection for dance music culture assures us that Zack and the rest of the VinylTribe will be keeping dancefloors hot for a long time to come.



Feeling, Passion, Soul – words that describe a Steven Dimitri DJ performance.

As co-founder of the VinylTribe DJ collective in Los Angeles, established in ’97, Steven Dimitri has created a name for himself as a DJ that can work any crowd and adapt his style to warm up the night perfectly, rock a peak time crowd, or close out the night and leave the dancers wanting more. His talent has lined him up with the most successful promoters in Los Angeles and has paired him up with the best DJs in the House Music industry. 

Steven is far more than just a DJ; he is a performer and loves to connect with the crowd. His passion behind the decks is truly evident and his infectious energy has captivated countless dancers. Steven goes way beyond simply playing records; he improvises on the spot, creating mixes and smooth transitions that take the music to higher levels. 

As a producer/remixer, Steven Dimitri’s work can be heard on the timeless Imperial Dub recordings as well as Undercover Lover, and many unreleased tracks/remixes continue to burn up dance floors worldwide.

Steven’s love for the music has also gained him success in promotions. The VinylTribe’s $FiveDollahFunk$ parties have become legendary in Los Angeles and have packed warehouses and top Hollywood clubs since 2001 and are still going strong! Also, the VinylTribe’s weekly podcast, TribeRadio has a tremendous following across the globe and strives to push quality HOUSE MUSIC to the masses.

Stay tuned…

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